Monday, October 29, 2012

Wks 2 and 3 are done, with some challenges

Whew! It took more than 2 weeks, but weeks 2 and 3 of c25k are done.  Week 2 went off fairly uneventful, I ran, sucked some wind the first couple of days, LOVED the third day without the stroller.  Week 3 however was a different story.  The first day was rough, running for 3 minutes straight is no joke.  I was REALLY ready to hear Sheila by the 90 second mark, for the first 3 minute run.  Week 3 consists of 4 runs, 90 sec, 3 min, 90 sec, 3 min.  By the second 3 minute run I was in much better shape though.  Maybe I just need some warm-up time to get into my groove?
I knew week 3 would be tough, but I was ready for it.  I usually run on Tues and Thurs mornings, and then again on Sunday morning, so 3x/wk.  This week Gavin had his 9 month check-up Thurs morning, so my plan was to run at night.  And then our house got struck by a horrible plague. So I went over a week between runs.  I was bummed, but thankfully STILL motivated.  Life happens.  And after a week of being cooped up in the house with a bunch of sickies, I was MORE than ready to get out and run.  I ran Thursday morning with G in the stroller, he promptly passed out, I'm guessing his little body was just exhausted from fighting the sickies all week.  So I did my run, it kicked my ass, as expected.  I sucked wind, tried to use the force to convince Sheila to talk to me sooner, but I did it, and I felt great afterward.  And I got a lengthy cool-down session to let G catch some Z's as we strolled around the neighborhood.
Sunday morning it was nice and cool out, I went out mostly solo, I did take Reecey, but she's a good running companion.  And it was AWESOME.  I totally could have run longer.
So the moral of the story? Shit happens, life gets in the way.  But that is NOT an excuse to quit!  Take time, do what you need to do to get yourself together, and then hop back on the running train.  You know you'll feel better for it :).

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