Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 1 down, run mama, run!

Week 1 of my c25k reboot is done.  I feel GREAT, and I've learned (and been reminded of) some things. 
First I wanted to elaborate a little on what c25k is all about.  I am NOT being sponsored in any way for doing this program (although I wouldn't mind if I was *wink, wink*).  It's a slow start to running, it stands for couch-to-5k.  Designed to get you off the couch and into running.  It eases you into running, upping the amount of running you're doing slowly so you keep doing it.  For instance, this week, my runs consisted of a 5 minute warm-up, run for 60 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, repeat the run/walk for 20 minutes, running 8 times. And then a 5 minute walk to cool down.  So, basically, the first week, you only have to run for one minute at a time.  ONE MINUTE.  Focus on that goal, the amount of time you are running.  Don't worry about distance, don't worry about speed.  Just keep running for one minute. Even if it's a sad, slow, wind-sucking run, ANYBODY can run for one minute. 
This week went fairly well. My first run went better than expected, and I even pushed Gavin in the jogging stroller which definitely adds to the workout. The first 5 run segments went fine, I felt ok, by the 6th, well, I was looking forward to the voice from my phone app to tell me it was time to walk, I'm going to call her Sheila for no other reason than I feel she sounds like a Sheila.  
That's the good, I try to be completely honest with you, so here's the bad.  My shins hurt, bad afterwards and my knees were a little sore.  (TMI alert) Nursing boobs need a smaller sports bra, the girls were bouncing around waayyyy too much. And I was reminded that I have the world's most sensitive feet.  I got a dime sized blister on the back of my heel, OUCH!
Two days later I ran again, I try to run every other day so I have a recovery day.  That day I decided to run on a gravel/dirt trail near my house to see if my shins and knees felt better afterwards.  OMG what a difference running surface makes!  If you can find a nice non-concrete/asphalt trail to run on, DEFINITELY do it!  Everything felt so much better after that run. Except the blister, that shiz hurt like a moh-foh because it popped on my run, I had a band-aid over it just in case, good thing :p.  I still wanted Sheila to speak up sooner by the 6th segment, but I wasn't sucking wind nearly as bad.
Three days later I ran again, this time without the jogging stroller and with Reecey.  That run was AWESOME, I don't know if it was because I didn't have the stroller, or because it was day 3 of running, but I felt GREAT. When Sheila told me to stop and walk I was like "already?".  I could have run longer, but I will NOT push it.  Stick with the program people, don't try to get all crazy, you will regret it.  
The weather has been GORGEOUS so I am looking forward to more running next week!  How is your running going?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments :).
Don't forget if you're local, there's the Color Me Rad run coming Nov 3 in Peoria, I'm giving away entries, and there's a promo-code to save you money!

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  1. Good for you!! I keep telling myself that I'm going to restart this as well. maybe this weekend ;)