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I blog about my crunchy lifestyle since becoming a mommy.  As a family we are trying to live as green and responsibly as possible.  By nature, I'm super frugal.  I hate buying anything without a coupon, sale, or red clearance sticker (I *may* shop at Target, just a bit :)).  I also have a need to share, sometimes over-share, so I created this space to get it all out there.  I like to include tips to live more green, ways to save money, awesome products, free/cheap things to do with kids or for general entertainment, crafty-ness, stories about my life, and the trials and tribulations of trying to be crunchy, yet practical.  I always say I'm a "shade of green".  My goal is to help others embrace living a shade of green too!
A little about me.  I'm a 32 year old newly minted stay-at-home mom living in the desert of AZ, in the Phoenix metro-area.  I worked professionally as an electrical engineer ASIC designer for over 10 years.  After I had my second son I decided to take a break from the nerd-life and stay home to spend time with my boys and recharge a bit.  I'm not "from" anywhere specifically, I grew up a USAF brat, but I usually say I'm from Florida because that's where I went to HS and college.  Speaking of, I'm a HUGE football fan, GO GATORS!!

I have been married for 10 years to my college sweetheart and my partner in nerd crime, Brian.
such a perfect picture of our lives
My boys are Zach, who is almost 4, how in the H-E-L-L did that happen??
this is what he does when asked to smile for a picture
And Gavin, who is 6 months.

We have a 3 year old whippet named Clarice (huge Silence of the Lambs fan here!) who is crazy, sweet, and gentle.  Perfect dog for the boys.

I hope you enjoy reading!  Please comment and let me know what you do to live green, I love learning new ways to be crunchy!

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