Monday, February 25, 2013

Consignment earn money for your kids' stuff and get stuff they need on the cheap!

Consignment is a GREAT way to score some awesome deals on the things your kids need!  AND even BETTER, if you sell at the consignment sales, you can earn money, so you could net the stuff you need for FREE! I touched on how to save money on clothes and toys a bit in the past, but I can't believe I completely forgot to mention consignment!  

That said, I was thrilled when Yvette from Just Between Friends contacted me about a consignment sale coming to Scottsdale in May.  PERFECT excuse to bring this subject up to you all again :).  AND there's something in it for you!

March 1 (THIS Friday) the website will open for sellers to sign up! The sellers price their own items and receive 65%-75% of the price of their items.  And for YOU GUYS ONLY as my readers, the seller fee is reduced 50% to $5!! Just mention that you are my readers when signing up :).  The fee is deducted from your check at the end of sale, and that check is sent out within 2 weeks of the end of sale.

The event is in Scottsdale at The Phoenix Elks Lodge (14424 N 32nd St). The 3 day sale starts with a presale on May 9 open to special groups starting at 3:30pm, strollers are not allowed, it'd be easier to leave the munchkins home anyways ;).  "Special Groups" include volunteers who work a min of 4hrs, sellers, expectant moms, moms with new babies, teachers, foster and military families.

Sellers make usually between $200-$300 (!!), and go to the website to enter inventory.  Then you print out the tags and pin or tape them to the clothes and you are all set! 

Too busy for all that tagging?  They can do it for you! It will reduce your net to 50% to 65%, but hey, if you're busy, it's a great option.

Volunteers are what make the event run smoothly.  Volunteers earn 70% as sellers, and those who become team leaders earn 75%.

The event includes children's items, maternity wear, and even a Mommy's mart to sell something that you couldn't use that is new in pkg.  There will also be a scrapbook corner in the Mommy Mart.

Excited about this sale yet?  But wait! There's more! The BEST part about this, they have teamed with 2 local non-profit organizations that will benefit in part from the sale.  They are working with Maggie's Place, which is a home where moms can live during their pregnancy and with their baby if they'd otherwise find themselves alone or homeless.  And they are working with Clothes for Keeps, an organization that provides clothing to foster families who take in a new child.  

These organizations will benefit from the admission fee and will take donated items from sellers after the event.  How awesome is that?

So, my local peeps, start gathering your kids outgrown clothes, toys, and "stuff" and sign up to sell at this event!  Check out their facebook page and shoot them a like too!




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