Thursday, October 25, 2012

Da Plague has hit!

What.A.Week. It started Thursday. I picked Z up from school and Ms. Donna told me "He just wasn't himself today.  He looked a little pale".  Hmmm... this sounds bad I thought.  We got home and he took a looong nap, very, very long for Z, 3+ hours.  I thought maybe he was just growing or something because he seemed ok when we got home.  We had dinner, he had been a little whiny since he woke up, and then it happened.  The one thing I can absolutely NOT handle as a mommy, the pukes started.  I high-tailed it away from Z as soon as that shiznit began because I'm a sympathetic puker in the WORST way, and Daddy really doesn't need that much to clean up.  Evidently Z did it 3x poor kiddo.  He also had a fever, lucky kid :p.  He was down for 2 days, thankfully only once incident of puking.
And then DOWN went the mama! No puking thank GAWD, but I had a fever for 2.5 days and the body aches, OMG the body aches, I was curled up in bed with my comforter pulled high over my shoulders, it was pathetic.
It hit B too, but not as bad.
Worst of all, it hit poor little G.  It hit him the absolute hardest :(.  He had a fever from Saturday til yesterday mid-day.  We took him in to the Dr because I was SURE at that point it had to be an ear infection or something, but no, poor little guy.  So cranky, so clingy, little man just slept, screamed, nursed, slept.  ONLY mama was allowed to hold him, feed him, or even look in his general direction,  He was a HOT MESS.  
The fever has broke for G, but the runny nose remains, and I'm pretty sure he's cutting two teeth, so he's not all sunshine and smiles, but we have happy little G back for the most part.
It was a HELLUVA week though.  Hoping to get some more time to myself so I can get a couple of posts written that have been brewing in my head.  
One is going to be discussing the idea of friendships as an adult, kind of inspired by this post because holy HELL can I relate.. 

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