Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Run baby, run

Early last year, we're talking 2011 here, I decided to start running.  At the time our family was just Zach, the hubs, and me.  Gavin wasn't even in mah belly yet.  I had done boot camp exercise before, I LOVED it, but holy HELL is it expensive.  I tried doing some of the exercises on my own for a while, but that wasn't working motivation-wise.  I needed something that could push myself and that I couldn't easily opt-out of or stop halfway through.  So I turned to running. 
I am NO runner, so I needed some kind of way to ease into it.  There are a few slow start methods out there, I happened to choose c25k.  Mostly because it was available foh free as an app on my phone, and I knew a few other people doing it.  
I have to say, that app, that program, it made me actually, kind of, sort of, like running.  I was shocked, I was actually running for a half hour STRAIGHT, no stopping, no sucking wind, just running, it was awesome. Now, I wasn't covering much ground because I am sloooowwww but, my intention was to work on that, first distance and endurance, then speed.  And it was all going so well!  
Until I got knocked up, I tried to keep running since my body was used to it, and I was doing ok for a month or so.  And then the temps started heating up, it was early May in AZ, so between the temps, and being freshly knocked up, I got dizzy on one run and decided to put up my running shoes for a while.  I still walked and exercised some while preggers, just no more running.
Fast forward to now.  Gavin is 8 months old, the temps have FINALLY started cooling down here, and my butt is not getting any smaller doing nothing.  Well, actually it is, it's amazing how much not being sedentary staring at a computer screen helps your body, one more benefit to taking a break from the nerd-life.  But I digress, I'm ready to start exercising regularly again, and am looking forward to getting out in the fresh air.
This week I'm starting week 1.  I'm buckling Gavin up in the jogging stroller, considering taking Reecey with us, and hitting the gravel with my running shoes.  And I'm going to write about it regularly.  Nothing like the interwebs for some accountability!
If *I* can do it, ANYBODY can, so who's going to do it with me?


  1. I am definitely not a runner, either. But, I've got to figure out a way to get this post-baby body in shape. I would be willing to join you but the only thing is, I would have to do it in the evenings.....

    I am looking forward to the cooler air when I can walk out to the end of my drive-way and not break into a sweat!

    Keep us posted on your running journey!


    1. We'll have to figure something out and run together every once in a while :). See you soon!

  2. good for you!!!
    good luck..and have fun!
    I am not a runner, but I enjoy (yes! enjoy!) my daily exercise.

    1. thanks! it is strange to enjoy sweating so much, haha!