Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I have written about cloth diapers before, IMHO, those are the cheapest way to go.  BUT I have also written about how we used disposables with Z, and we had to use disposables with G for a short time because day-care wouldn't do cloth (that's a soap box post for a different time).  So, with that said, did you know you can earn FREE things with your diapers?
the gifts to grow program from Pampers is on the box
See the points sticker hiding there?
Pampers has a program called gifts-to-grow that earns you free things for entering codes you can find on your diaper packages.  These are usually in the form of stickers on the plastic packaging of the diapers inside the boxes, a little tricky to find.  I did this with Z and we got things like a free Diego potty seat for potty training, eco-friendly bath tub toys, a Melissa and Doug monkey toy, Shutterfly photo books, announcements, and prints, a GAP giftcard, they have tons of awesome stuff!  Browse the rewards you can earn here.

Huggies has a similar program they call Rewards, and while I haven't used Huggies to earn these rewards they look pretty cool as well.

And it's not just diapers!  You can earn rewards with Disney movies.  They have the Disney Movie Rewards program that earns you points with movies you buy, you watch in theaters, and disney cds you buy.  It's pretty easy to accumulate a lot of points, lately I've been using them for Starbucks giftcards, hey, mommy needs a reward for watching the same movie 3786 times in a row!

Check ALL your products for rewards programs and points, even Stonyfield has a rewards program, so your yogurt can earn you free things too!

Also be on the lookout, often times these companies release free points codes around holidays, or seasons, or just because, making it even easier to earn free stuff :).

Do you have any lesser known ways to make your products work for you?

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