Friday, July 27, 2012

Football is just a game

*note i am about to unleash an opinion piece on y'all this is neither cheap nor green but definitely mommy related

I did a lot of my growing up in the state of Florida. I went to college at the University of Florida. I am a Gator through and through, I bleed orange and blue. I am a huge football fan. Every year with great anticipation I await the start of football season. So I feel like I have some ground to stand on when I say this. Penn State should not be allowed to have a football team at.all. I would most certainly feel the exact same way had this horrible course of events transpired at my beloved UF.

After the NCAA handed out its punishment to PSU this week the reaction from some of the Nittany nation shocked and disgusted me. "It's not fair! It's not fair to the fans! It's tarnishing JoePa's legacy"
Those fans have completely lost touch. They have succumbed to the grasp of a materialistic, apathetic society that would not only allow, but enable these atrocities.
People this is not about football. JoePa and PSU kept this all a secret for the sake of football, and for the almighty dollar. They did it to preserve the Penn State name and guarantee themselves and the school millions.
They sacrificed the innocence of little boys for their own gain. Those boys trusted their mentor and coach. They looked at him with adoration, respect, and love. He took advantage of that trust for his own sick and twisted perversions. And JoePa and PSU knew that, and they did nothing. They turned a blind eye, allowed the mentoring to continue, fed the beast they kept locked in the basement. 

I have two little boys. I look at their wide eyes full of life, happiness, curiosity, trust, wonder, love, and innocence and it crushes me to think that another little boy looked at Jerry Sandusky with very similar eyes. He took everything that made those kids wonderful and consumed it, leaving hollow shells. Those boys will never be the same again. They know the horrors that lurk outside. They know far too much about life already. It is not about football, it's not about money, it's about making sure no more little boys have nightmares after they see the blue and white on the field. It's about sending a message that shouldn't be needed. We must protect our children, they are everything that is good about humanity. I know I'll be watching this fall with a little more perspective. Football is just a game, money is just paper we assign value to. Hug your kids close.

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