Thursday, July 26, 2012

No poo update

As promised I have an update on my no-pooing adventures. I did get my hair cut and highlighted in late June. My hair stylist was very receptive to the no-pooing, she said my hair felt softer and thicker, she even said she might try it too!
So that was the good news. The bad news, I'm only half way doing it right now. There are 2 reasons, one we went out of town and because i couldn't think of a good way to travel with my no-poo accessories I just took along some trial size shampoo, big mistake, huge (bonus points if you get my pop culture reference there). See, I liked shampooing, I liked the way my hair felt and smelled afterwards. And then I felt dirty, not my hair, that was fresh and clean, but I felt dirty for cheating on my no-pooing promise to myself.

Well turns out that was just the taste I needed to get hooked again. Monsoon season has hit in AZ and for us that means it is super humid. I have still been blow drying my hair because its super thick and takes forever to dry so I do get sone damage from that. So with all the humidity, my frizzies were showing, and guys? It was really bugging me. So I looked longingly at my pantene moisture balance sitting in the bathroom cabinet and thought "just one time. I'll just use it one time to see if it makes a difference, I bet I won't even like it. But I did like it, actually, I loved it. My hair had no frizzies, and was far more cooperative. And so, I became hooked again, I am shampooing with actual shampoo. BUT I am still "conditioning" with the vinegar rinse and still love the results doing that. My hair is soft and managable without frizzies because of the shampoo, but not weighed down because I use the rinse. So there you have it, i have fallen off the wagon with my foot caught on the wheel. My name is Christine, and I am a shampoo addict.

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