Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baking Mixes on the cheap

I've said before, I am a *terrible* baker, I really can't handle exact measurements and specific mixing instructions and everything that enables one to make edible food when baking.  That said, like most, I love me some fresh baked brownies and chocolate chip cookies.  So, I usually just use a store bought mix, add water, eggs, maybe some oil and I'm good to go, I *rarely* eff that up.  

The store bought mixes are relatively cheap, but it adds up!  And they have an assortment of "extra" ingredients that we are really trying to avoid.  So, of course, I turned to Pinterest!  (Everyone close their mouths from the shock, I'm a well-known addict).  I found this site that has an assortment of "fake-it" Betty Crocker mixes, PERFECT for me!  The standard ingredients, flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder are CHEAP.  Add in some chocolate chips, butter, vanilla, and you're still at less than half price of the store-bought mixes!

So far I have tried the chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies.  They were delicious!  Although I will say softened butter != melted butter (that's does not equal for those that are not uber-nerds like myself).  That is how much of a non-baker I am, I used melted butter and got greasy, enormous, flat cookies the first time.  Baking FAIL.  

I highly recommend putting both the recipe for the mix (so you can refill when you use it up), AND the instructions to make the recipe on the jar, like so:


We use either mason jars, or glass canisters from IKEA to store the mixes.  I prefer glass storage to plastic bags because I try to avoid plastic whenever possible.

It's my favorite kind of money saver, one that saves you $$ AND keeps yucky ingredients out of your house.  Not to mention, BROWNIES, YUM!

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