Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Get your crafty on: Bulletin Board

The hubs and I are BIG wine fans.  Before the kiddos came into our lives we were wine club members at a few wineries. We took trips to Napa, and Temecula and had a huge wine fridge.  So obviously we enjoyed a few bottles of wine at home ;).  And as a result we had a bunch of corks that we saved, they're interesting and I figured we could do something with them, I just didn't know what at the time.  I'm probably a borderline hoarder because I'm always saving things that I think I can do something with, BUT 90% of the time there IS something I do with that stuff!  Since I've been staying home with the kiddos I've been trying to get the house more organized.  As a result of the organization I determined we needed a bulletin board to pin all the papers that keep cluttering up my counters.  Enter: wine corks!

I'm sure you will all be shocked to learn, I did *not* get this idea from Pinterest :).   (It's ok, take a moment to pick yourself up off the ground).

It could not be simpler to make a bulletin board though.  Find a cheapy frame, This is one I found on clearance for $2, and keep an open mind, you could paint it or add embellishments if it's not what exactly what you'd like.  Remove the glass and paper, so you just have the backing and put it back in the frame.  Use your handy-dandy hot glue gun to glue the corks on to the frame backing.  
bag of corks, and the frame/backing
The pattern is up to you, I tried to mix it up a bit but only did vertical and horizontal.  Keep the corks pretty close together so you can't see the backing, it's kind of like a puzzle.

starting to arrange the corks
At the end I had to trim the tips of a few corks to get them to fit in the frame, I just did that with scissors.
the finished product!
 TA DA!!  Super easy project that looks interesting and nice as opposed to those store-bought dorm room cork boards.  You are recycling used corks, very green, and what better excuse to drink more wine?!

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