Monday, August 13, 2012

A company that cares!

Once in a great while I will come across an awesome company and as a compulsive over-sharer I will share it with you, obviously.

A few weeks ago I did a post about reusable water bottles, I mentioned sippy cups in that post.  At the time I gave a few different examples of sippy cups that you could use that aren't plastic (yuck) that you could use to give your kiddos water on the go.  At the time I didn't have any strong recommendations, but I did say we have a few Kid Basix cups (Safe Sippy 2 and Safe Sporter) and love them.    
Recently I had an interaction with the Kid Basix folks that make me think their company is pretty great too.  We bought the Safe Sippy 2 a couple of years ago when Zach was using sippy cups, I loved that it had a straw attachment because he was just learning to use a straw, at the time. Safe Sippy 2 is pretty smart, and it is, it's a sippy, that easily converts to a straw cup, *with* a lid, AND a silicone sleeve to keep little hands away from extreme temperatures.  The cup is even more fancy in that the handles come off for when your kiddo gets bigger so it's pretty much an investment for the long haul.  Any-who, fast-forward to now, and Gavin is just starting to use a cup to drink some water.  So I immediately thought of our Safe Sippy 2, because it's not plastic, and I knew we had the sippy valve to convert it easily for him since he's just learning.

One small snag, I searched our cabinet in and out, and all of our baby boxes and could NOT find the handles.  So frustrating, obviously Gavin could use the cup without handles, but that's a lot of coordination for a almost-7-month-old.  So I was bummed. I looked online at the Kid Basix site and on Amazon for replacement handles.  All I could find was a replacement part kit, which is also pretty awesome, for less than $5 you can get all new parts for the sippy cup!  This thing is built to last!  So then I went to the Kid Basix site and contacted them trying to find out how to get some new handles for our cup to make it easier for Gavin.  And this is the response I got from Susan at Kid Basix:

"We do not sell them, but are happy to send you a pair if you are in the US.  Can you send me your address?"

Shut the FRONT door!  Maybe I'm a little hardened and cynical but this to me is the BEST customer service I have seen in a long time.  I had fully expected them to either tell me to buy another cup, or best case to send me a link to buy new handles.  

This post isn't sponsored in any way, this is truly my experience they are a great company with refreshing customer service.  Their tag line is "making kid's lives better" but they are really making parents lives easier too :).  Thanks Susan and Kid Basix!! 

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