Saturday, June 2, 2012

No-Poo Part II

Week 2 of No-Pooing has had some ups and downs, mostly ups though!  I can say after a rocky start to this week I am even more motivated to keep going.  The No-Poo Diaries will most likely be a weekly update for a month, and then after that I may update on occasion to let you know how it's going, or if something changes.  The intention is just to give real feedback of what I think about transitioning to no-pooing and what I learn and deal with in the process.  I didn't mention last week, but should have, my hair is normally super thick, wavy (but I straighten because it's not a cute wave).  With out further delay, week 2 of "The No-Poo Diaries"...

Week 2
I am still using the standard 1 Tbsp baking soda and 1 cup of water mixture for the "shampoo", and the 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, and 1 cup of water mixture for "conditioner" .

Day 8:  Starting to feel greasier, still w a cute curl though, did blow dry 1/2 way same as before, put velcro rollers on the crown for body there.  Ended up in a pony tail because I couldn't deal with the grease :p.

Day 9:  Let it dry by itself in braids.  Feeling super greasy today, ended up in a pony tail again, noticing some scalp itch, and still greasy out of the shower, I did do a leave in vinegar rinse though because the ends were feeling dry, maybe that was a mistake?

Day 10:  Did some research, I was not letting the baking soda sit in my hair or massaging it in the scalp enough, adopted new method, added 3 drops of lavender oil to the baking soda mixture to combat the itch.  Let it sit on my head for a couple of minutes, massaged all over my head, vinegar rinse on the ends only, out of the shower feels much cleaner!  Dried 1/2 way with heat protector and rollers on crown, it looks and feels soooo much better, although the ends are super dry today.

Day 11:  Today repeated shower routine from yesterday. Blow dry with heat protector and "Burt's Bees Avocado Butter Pre-shampoo hair treatment" (got it in a grab bag from them last year) on the ends while wet.  Blow dry left hair perfect, can't remember the last time it looked and felt so good.  Hair is soft, ends are soft, it's full of body, awesome!

Day 12: Same routine as yesterday, hair is awesome again, full of manageable body

Day 13:  Same routine again, I think I found a winner!! May try coconut oil on the ends instead of the Burt's Bees stuff next time.

Day 14:  Followed the same routine again, same awesome results.  Still haven't tried coconut butter, but I still want to.  Thinking of adding a couple of drops of lavender oil to the vinegar rinse just so it smells good, currently no issue with smell though, my hair smells like... nothing.

So at the end of two weeks I think I have a routine that works for me.  I'm loving my hair, the way it looks, behaves, and feels is amazing.  I even made my hubs feel my hair so he could see how soft it is, he said "you're not going back are you?"  Nope, I think I'm sold :).
Are you trying the No-Poo method too? What results are you having?

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  1. I've been No-Poo for almost 3 months now, and I'm in love! I have coarse, dry hair to begin; so I have never been an everyday shampooer. I think that helped me get through the greasy phase alot quicker. Before No-Poo, I had some problems with a little *gasp* dandruff, and now I don't experience it at all. I experience less frizz, my hair is softer, and those curls that I used to crunch into oblivion to define now fall so effortlessly down my back! I am absolutely a No-Poo fan! WTG!

  2. awesome Stephanie! It's amazing the difference isn't it? I'm loving it!