Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Fffff-it :)

So you may have noticed lack of the usual "Friday Find" today.  There are so many reasons.  Lest you think I'm some kind of "queen of green" that has it all so smoothly together, here is a peek into my day.

My laptop decided to emulate a basement hooker from the red light district and get itself all kinds of full of viruses, so we spent the morning cleaning her up and getting her a decent meal and shower.  

The kids were, well, their usual selves.  Zach is a 3.5yo boy, which I'm absolutely sure is near the equivalent of a 13yo girl emotionally.  "Oh Em Gee, I can't play with glass cups?!? I shall burst into tears and run into a room and throw myself on the bed!".  Obviously my fault, because I decided to do a project with him to teach him about money that used mason jars, and apparently telling him 46 times that they are not toys was not clear.

The baby, was a perfect happy baby, until he wasn't.  Which was when he was tired, and then holy HELL was he pissed.  "You will hold me mommy! You will NOT sit in the rocking chair! You will hold me upright! You will NOT hold me laying down! You will play Nora Jones on your phone until I fall asleep! Do NOT turn the volume down! NOOO white noise will not do at ALL!  YES you will play the same song on repeat until you find that jazzy voice like nails on a chalkboard!! Did you try to SIT again? STAND WOMAN!!"  Finally he fell asleep, I'm pretty sure he is teething, at least I hope that's what this is :p.

And naturally the house is a mess, and I have laundry DONE (yay me!) and waiting for me in baskets to fold.  So y'all are gonna have to get by without a Friday Find this week ;).

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