Friday, June 8, 2012

A flick to make you think

Today's Friday Find is a movie, and now you're all "Whaaaat?!?" like my 3.5yo loves to say :).  The movie Food Inc specifically.  You may have heard of it, maybe you've thought about watching it, maybe you tell yourself "I don't want to know", or maybe this is all new to you.  

In a nutshell, Food Inc is a movie that will most definitely, and permanently, change the way you think about food, in a good way.  Basically it talks about where our food actually comes from, and how we got here.  So if you think your beef comes from "happy cows" enjoying lush green grass and basking in the sun, you're so wrong you might become a vegetarian (unless you're already eating grass-fed pasture-raised beef, in which case, good for you!).  If you think all your veggies are grown by some nice old man farmer who chews on wheat and sincerely cares about everything he does, wrong again.  Watch the movie, learn about your food.  Don't you, and your family, deserve to know what you're eating?  Arm yourself with knowledge, you won't be sorry, you will be inspired to change, to do better, to live better.  You DESERVE to know this, you DESERVE to be educated about your food.  Maybe you won't change anything, but at least you will be fully aware of what you're signing up for when you pull through the drive thru at the golden arches.
After you watch, go read my post about farmer's markets, you may be even more inspired to find one in your area and help out your local farmer.  And stay tuned, I will have a post about getting your meat from local farmers coming soon.

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