Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Find


Today's Friday Find is your local farmer's market.  Eating local is one of the greenest things you can do!  You are supporting your community, helping your local farmers, and eating the healthiest fruits and veggies possible.  We have several farmer's markets in the Phoenix metro area, we hit up one every Saturday morning and fill our bags with local, fresh, and in season fruits and veggies.  The flavor difference between farmer's market produce and grocery store produce will blow your mind!  You'll find yourself trying and LOVING fruits and veggies you never thought you would :).  Right now our favorite farmer's market has beautiful bi-color corn, juicy peaches, fresh cage free and organic eggs, delicious tomatoes and lots more!  

fresh, full carrots
all kinds of salad fixins
sweet sugar snap peas
beautiful radishes
bright green beans
on the vine delicious tomatoes

One of the questions I always get asked about shopping at a farmer's market is "Isn't it more expensive?".  My answer is, "NO, not for what you're getting!"  In the grocery stores near me organic, local produce is not only hard to find, but it's VERY expensive.  Produce at the farmer's market is plentiful, and very reasonably priced.  What's more important is that you're making the choice to eat local, and pesticide free.  It's important to note, at the farmer's markets near us, the produce farms are usually *not* certified organic by the USDA.  The produce is definitely organic in the truest sense though, it is grown without pesticides, using heirloom seeds when possible, and they only grow what is appropriate in season here in the desert.  The reason these farms are usually not certified is that it's prohibitively expensive for them to become certified.  They are small, family farms doing most of their business at the farmer's markets, and to local restaurants, and maybe Sprouts and Whole Foods on occasion.

There are also usually an assortment of crafts and food creations at the farmer's market.  Ours has hummus, salsa, chocolates, cheese, cookies, and even local honey.  My 3.5yo LOVES going to the honey vendor to get honey sticks he uses for snack.  Way better than cookies and he still gets the sugar any 3.5 year old craves, just in a healthier way.  
To find a local farmer's market in your area check the website.  Get out there and support your community!

What is your favorite find at the farmer's market? 

Have an idea for something you'd like to see featured as a "Friday Find"? Product, place, event, let me know!

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