Saturday, September 1, 2012

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals

This post is about feeding babies.  I am not anti-formula by any means, Zach was formula fed.  I am pro feeding babies however works best for you.  That said, this is going to be a rant about breastfeeding, and the perception of it in our society.
I read this article today and it made my blood boil.  Is this where we are as a society?  Breastfeeding is "disgusting"??  Our bodies are made to breastfeed, we are mammals after all.  Breasts are for feeding babies the perfect nectar their mothers make for them that nourishes them in the most complete way possible.  In my opinion, if you look at breastfeeding as "disgusting" then it's YOU that has the problem, not me.  
I breastfeed Gavin, sometimes I breastfeed him in public.  It's not a stance by me, or a protest, I simply feed him when he is hungry, wherever we happen to be.  I attempt to use a "hooter hider" and cover up, but Gavin hates having things over his head while he eats.  Who can blame him, do you want to eat in a hot tent?  So you might get a glimpse of a little boob while I feed him, it doesn't bother me, motherhood has removed all modesty.
I see story after story about women being made ashamed to breastfeed, kicked out of stores, being told to cover up, sent to the bathroom.  The BATHROOM, because where else would you like to enjoy a meal other than where someone is expelling DIARRHEA right next to you??  Most recently, the co-founder of Staples opened his ignorant mouth at the Republican National Convention to say that working, breastfeeding mothers are a great threat to the economic recovery in this country. Seriously.

Idiot women like the one in the story boggle my mind the most.  What will she tell her child? It's "sexual"???  If you think breastfeeding is sexual then YOU are the pervert, not me.  Do you think it's a zoophilic sexual act to drink cow's milk?  Because that comes from the cow's BREASTS you know.

Has anyone stopped to think, "why are we attacking breastfeeding?", "why is it so foreign and strange?".  It's not as is if we evolved to consume formula.  That is, as the name suggests, a formulation of chemicals and ingredients that is trying to closely resemble human breast milk to nourish our babies when breast milk is not available or possible.  In the history of humans, formula is a fairly recent development.  Yet we, as a society are apparently HORRIFIED to see a mother feeding her child the most natural way possible.
If you are pregnant or plan on having a baby soon, I hope that you will educate yourself as much as possible about breastfeeding.  I really hope that you will attempt it.  It will be hard, you will want to give up, but I urge you not to.  Remember what you are doing for your baby, and for yourself.  You are feeding your baby as nature intended, you are giving him one of the most beautiful gifts or nourishment.  And it will all be over in such a short amount of time relative to life and childhood. Don't let society discourage you with ignorance.  And if someone comes up to you and says something horrible like this woman did, smile, let them know you are feeding your baby, and suggest they see a therapist for their sex issues.


  1. I agree with your comments. My first baby is due this month and I intend to nurse. I will feed her when she's hungry. Period.

    Breastfeeding was an acceptable part of society up until modern times when the porn industry began to grow in popularity and breasts were intensely sexualized. Also at that time (before the great breastfeeding debate) when family farms were much more prevalent, children learned about "the birds and the bees" through livestock mating. And after giving birth, those animal mothers would nurse their offspring. It was a given and acceptable part of life. Once we became more distant from the natural cycle of life and much closer to intensified graphic pornography, breastfeeding became an issue.

    But in reality, breastfeeding is not the issue. The real issue is our society's porn obsession and distance from natural biological processes.

  2. Congrats on your baby and good luck with the breastfeeding! :)